HPU launches PsyD program to meet growing mental health needs

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With mental health challenges on the rise, Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) is launching its PsyD program. This gives Hawaii students the chance to complete their doctoral studies right here in the islands with hands-on learning through internships and training experiences.

Dr. Robin Miyamoto is the former president of the Hawaii Psychological Association. She says that right now, the wait to see a psychologist is about 3-6 weeks.

“We don’t have enough providers and, we’re seeing some older psychologists start to retire. If we start building a psychologist today, they’re not gonna be done until seven years from now,” she explains. “We’re really behind the curve in terms of increasing the number of available providers.”

HPU started the PsyD program to help meet the growing needs of the population and the mental health needs of the community. The program itself is doctoral training, providing clinical mental health psychologists in Hawaii. Students can expect to have training in a variety of clinical mental health sites, and the opportunity to work with a variety of different people. In Hawaii specifically, the program hopes to address major mental health problems like substance abuse, serious mental illness, along with trauma and suicide.

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