Watanabe Floral focuses on giving back this holiday season

Sponsored by Watanabe Floral

Watanabe Floral works with a number of organizations like Make-A-Wish Hawaii, American Cancer Society, and the Children’s Miracle Network to name a few. From fundraising to helping at events, or providing support for functions, the company is always looking to help the community in any way it can.

“Our number one core value is the spirit of aloha, with lots of love!” says Monty Pereira with Watanabe Floral. “There are so many people that are in need, and we understand that as a community leader, we have to step up and lead by example by using our blessings to help bring awareness and help to those that need it.”

Pereira explains that the company aims to put people first, encouraging its team to be selfless and always think of others.

“That is what social responsibility is — to think about others and how we can help make our community a better place. Encouraging people to strive for success in all their endeavors, and helping those that are unable to help themselves,” Pereira says. “Together, there is nothing that we can’t do as a community committed to helping each other.”

About Watanabe Floral:

Flowers bring a special sentiment to moments in our lives; elegance to a wedding; sympathy to a Celebration of Life; tenderness to a Birthday or Anniversary celebration. While it is true that we work with flowers, our real opportunity comes from helping our guests express their feelings. Wherever you are in life, it is Watanabe Floral’s commitment to make your occasion exceptional and unique for you!

For over 71 years, Watanabe Floral has made it our priority to provide excellent service to guests. It has an award-winning design team with over 100 years of combined experience and a sales and operational team committed to living the spirit of aloha and keeping people first in all they do.

For more information: watanabefloral.com, facebook.com/watanabefloralinc, twitter.com/WatanabeFloral, instagram.com/watanabefloral