Oceanside research facilities give HPU students hands-on learning experience

Sponsored by Hawaii Pacific University

Hawaii Pacific University has been in the news lately for several new studies and ongoing research into sustainability issues. Particularly, sustainability within our oceans and waterways. Within all the high-impact work underway, there are plenty of opportunities for HPU students to shine as they’re on their way to careers in science and policy.

HPU’s oceanside research facilities in Makapu’u, including its Oceanic Institute, Center for Marine Debris Research, and some of the labs and classrooms of the College of Natural and Computations Sciences, give students a real advantage on many fronts.

“Students from all across the United States and from around the world are drawn here because there’s really no better place to study marine science and to be hands-on with the water and everything that’s in it and around it,” says Brenda Jensen, Dean at the College of Natural and Computational Sciences.

Jensen explains that the location draws scientists from other agencies and even other universities. The school even has an ongoing relationship with NOAA.

“One of the benefits is that HPU students are around the kinds of scientists they aspire to become, and they are learning in one of the best places on the planet for marine science,” Jensen says.

Students find opportunities for hands-on work at our Oceanic Institute. Among other things, work there is focused on sustainable aquaculture, improving methods in the global shrimp industry, and in other fisheries, including fish for food and ornamental fish.

“Recently, two of our students in biochemistry were published in a scientific journal,” Jensen says. One of the students is from Hawaii, the other from Minnesota, south of the Twin Cities. “This is quite an accomplishment.”

Another student, from Escanaba, Michigan, was just honored for the best poster at a large scientific conference for her research on turtle eggs.

“Much of the work going on in our Center for Marine Debris Research gives HPU students opportunities to do hands-on work in the field and in the lab as this university carves out a leading role in the ways the world is going to address issues around ocean debris,” Jensen says.

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