HPU expands downtown campus to include new phase at Waterfront Plaza

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Hawaii Pacific University has made its mark in downtown Honolulu. In 2015, the university moved in to the renovated Aloha Tower Marketplace, and now it’s adding to its campus. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is getting a firsthand look at the newest phase of its downtown location at Waterfront Plaza.

Waterfront Plaza gives HPU the space to consolidate most of its academic offerings with cutting edge classrooms and labs and a beautiful new library. The new addition just a couple of blocks away from the Aloha Tower campus will continue to enhance the university’s student experience. It puts HPU at the gateway to Kakaako. It’s a modern district for culture and things to do that are contemporary Honolulu and Hawaii.

One of the distinct offerings at HPU is the guaranteed internship program where the university promises students an internship as part of their undergraduate experience. Its downtown footprint helps put students that much closer to the internship opportunities that are concentrated in downtown Honolulu.

HPU maintains a presence a few blocks up Bishop Street from Aloha Tower, in Pioneer Plaza, where students in its College of Business and College of Professional Students are right alongside the financial district and any number of other opportunities. The university also places interns in all sectors, including local, state and federal government, health care, mental health care, tourism, the arts, education, and many other areas.

Its size is what sets HPU apart from other universities. It is able to provide an array of experiences and opportunities to students, but is also small enough to be a place where students are known by their name. The university is able to focus on teaching and preparing its students for the world and make the most of its location in Hawaii that’s unlike any other place in the world.

Not only does HPU attract students locally and from the mainland, but it also appeals to those around the world. At the heart of the HPU experience is a set of Hawaiian values that it tries to integrate into all aspects of student experiences and to give them a perspective to help frame their lives after graduation. Those values are Kuleana, Pono, and Aloha.

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