HPU takes marine bio students outside the classroom for hands-on projects

Hawaii Pacific University offers undergraduates, graduate students and researchers an unparalleled environment to study Marine Sciences. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is aboard the Kaholo in Kaneohe to get a look at how HPU’s marine biology students are taking learning outside the classroom.

Lauren Spencer is from Oxford, Michigan, and is in her senior year of the Marine Biology program at HPU. “I really wanted a program where I could get out in the field and understand the research,” she said. She lists making personal relationships with her professors as one of the highlights of the program, but says the work she’s done on the Kaholo, including her senior capstone project, has been very rewarding.

“We’re able to control our own research projects and be the chief scientist on those projects,” she explains. She says she’s really learned a lot about leadership, and they’re lessons she takes with her to the future. Spencer hopes to go into education and teach children about the ocean and how to take care of our environment

Marine Biology is the study of life in the oceans — from microscopic plankton to the largest animals on earth, the blue whales. Like biology, marine biology has many, diverse fields of study contained within it including the study of the molecules within cells (molecular biology), the functions and adaptations of organisms (physiology), and populations of organisms and their interactions with each other and their environment (ecology).

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