Meet Lehua Jewelers and the woman behind the hand-crafted Miss Aloha Hula award bracelet

Since 2013, Lehua Jewelers has been commissioned to create and present the Miss Aloha Hula award bracelet at the Merrie Monarch Festival. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is in Hilo with owner and designer Sharon Gilbert to talk about how it all started.

Lehua Jewelers began making the Miss Aloha Hula bracelet when Aunty Luana Kawelu asked Gilbert if she would like to be involved with Merrie Monarch. “I was so excited and honored,” Gilbert said. “How could I pass up an opportunity like that?”

Located on the Island of Hawaii, Lehua Jewelers has been in business for over 30 years, specializing in mail order and one of a kind pieces. Its jewelry is made to be worn and enjoyed for generations and destined to become a true family heirloom.

Its jewelry is still made using the same techniques and craftsmanship that were used 100 years ago. Lehua Jewelers hand engraves designs locally and hand cuts letters using fused in place, glass enamel. All of its designs are done using a heavier weight gold to assure that the jewelry should last a lifetime.

Made in the tradition of the original Victorian “Remembrance” bracelets, which were given as gifts from England’s royal family to Hawaii’s Royalty, its Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry is destined to become your next treasured family keepsake. Its unique designs are done for the Island of Hawaii, and frequently depict the island flower, the Lehua blossom. Its namesake blossom is available in two designs, the original Lehua blossom and the Ohia Lehua scroll. The revered Honu (Sea turtle) is always a welcome sight on the island’s beaches and in the ocean and is the inspiration behind its Inana Honu design.

While Lehua Jewelers is known for its bracelets, its signature hand engraved styles are now found on rings, pendants, and earrings.

Lehua Jewelers will show at the Merrie Monarch Invitational Hawaiian Arts Fair this year as it has for over 10 years.

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