Zephyr Insurance Company and the American Red Cross of Hawaii share tips to secure your home and protect your family ahead of a hurricane

Preparing emergency kit is a must!

Hawaii’s hurricane season is from June to November, so now is the time to prepare. As part of Hurricane Week, HI Now host Jobeth Devera is with president and CEO of Zephyr Insurance Company Tim Johns and Coralie Matayoshi from the American Red Cross in Hawaii. The organizations are sharing some helpful tips to make sure your home and family are well prepared for any emergency situation.

In preparation of a hurricane, the Red Cross recommends preparing by doing these things:
– Put together a disaster supply kit with a 14-day supply of food, water, and medications. Be sure to have a radio, flashlight, batteries, cash, first aid kit, and copies of critical information in a waterproof container should you need to evacuate.
– Plan your evacuation route and know school plan if you have children.
– Download the free Emergency App from the Red Cross. It tells you what to do before, during, and after any type of disaster. It also has a shelter finder that tells you which shelters are open in real time. There’s even a one-touch “I’m safe” button that will broadcast the information on social media.
– Create a family emergency plan. This should include two meeting places, one immediately outside your home and one in the neighborhood in case family members can’t get home.
– Plan for your pets.
– Sign up for emergency alerts by text or email.

For many people, the most valuable asset is one’s home. A hurricane has the power to damage not only your home, but your sense of security and financial future. Having hurricane insurance means you’ll be reimbursed for your covered losses in the event your home is damaged due to a hurricane. While Hawaii law does not require homeowners to have hurricane insurance, most financial institutions require hurricane insurance as a condition of the loan if your home is mortgaged.

To prepare your home for a hurricane, Zephyr Insurance recommends the following:
– Trim or remove damaged trees and branches that could affect the structure in high winds
– Check gutters and downspouts and repair or clear if necessary
– Consider retro-fitting to secure and reinforce the roof
– Decide if a generator is necessary for your household
– Keep supplies and tools on hand that may be needed to cover windows

Zephyr Insurance Company:
Zephyr Insurance Company provides Hawaii residents peace of mind knowing they are protected and will be able to get their lives back to normal after being affected by a hurricane. It is the leading provider of residential hurricane coverage in Hawaii. Following Hurricane Iniki in 1992 (estimated $2 billion in damage), insurance companies refused to sell hurricane or wind insurance coverage to Hawaii homeowners that put them at risk. Zephyr is locally funded and is responsible for reestablishing Hawaii’s hurricane insurance market, allowing things to return back to normal.

For more information: zephyrins.com, redcross.org/hawaii