Women’s Fund of Hawaii to hold annual Tea & Champagne Fundraiser

Join Hi now host Rachel Pacarro as she sits down with Women’s Fund of Hawaii to learn more about their upcoming fundraiser, Tea & Champagne 2021

Tea & Champagne is Women’s Fund of Hawaii’s annual fundraiser that originally took place virtually in June. They are proud to say they have the opportunity to share it with more people through Hawaii News Now and KHNL. The event will take place on Sunday 12th, at 8 pm on KHNL, and will be livestreamed on all Hawaii News Now platforms.

“We are a local non-profit. Our mission is to support innovative, grass roots programs that empower women and girls, because we are all about gender and racial equity in Hawaii, in the United States, and around the world,” says Leela Bilmes Goldstein, Executive Director of Women’s Fund of Hawaii. They support statewide, small organizations that are usually led by women of color and volunteers. These programs promote economic skills, leadership, health, and freedom from trauma and gender-based violence.

The non-profit organization even has the support from Oprah Winfrey! Both Women’s Fund of Hawaii and Oprah have similar values and goals of providing opportunities for girls to tell their stories. Oprah provided a message of support that Women’s Fund of Hawaii is excited to share during their fundraiser on Sunday. If you are interested in checking out the event, or want to learn how you can get involved, please visit womensfundhawaii.org for more information.