Why residents choose Pohai Nani as their retirement community

Enjoy activities, amenities, and beautiful views

Sponsored by Pohai Nani

Pohai Nani has been serving Oahu’s kupuna for 55 years, and Joan Bartlett is just one of the many residents living in the retirement community. She says she chose it as her retirement residence because of its reputation, location and value.

“I myself lived in Kaneohe for over 30 years while raising my family, so I knew I liked the cool trade winds and country atmosphere of the windward side,” Bartlett explains. “I had received comments from people I trust that Pohai Nani provides excellent care to their residents.” Today, she knows that to be true.

“Living here is almost like being on a cruise ship,” says Bartlett. She likes the fact that many services are provided at Pohai Nani, like its three daily meals along with housekeeping and linen service. There are also other activities and amenities like a library, art studio,  exercise classes, a gym, a pool and other entertainment.”

“I feel confident that I will continue to improve the quality of my life by taking advantage of the opportunities provided to me,” Bartlett says. “I make it a point to try new things and keep a positive attitude. I feel fortunate to be here.”

Due to her love of theater and music, Bartlett helps to organize excursions in these fields. “Pohai Nani is proud to provide transportation to the entire season of popular plays, symphonies, operas and chamber music,” she says. The residents also also attend some community and university plays and concerts. “This program enriches resident lives and my goal is to help residents discover new experiences,” says Bartlett.

Carolyn Wilkinson has been a resident at Pohai Nani for five years and spends a lot of her time volunteering at the community thrift store. For those contemplating the move to Pohai Nani, “Just come, and you’ll love it!” she recommends. “You’ll meet new friends and have lots of things to do. I really enjoy being here.”

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