Why Molokai Sweet Corn is so popular

Molokai Sweet Corn Fundraiser program generates thousands of dollars for the community

Sponsored by Bayer Hawaii

Molokai’s Sweet Corn Fundraiser is extremely popular and is one of the largest fundraisers in the community on Molokai. While sweet corn is not part of Bayer’s usual commercial crop, the company recognizes the nature of rural communities and plants sweet corn specifically for the community.

“Our Molokai Sweet Corn Fundraiser program has generated more than $100,000 for our community’s needs – something our employees are extremely proud of since they play a major role in helping their ohana and friends,” says Dawn Bicoy with Bayer Hawaii. Bicoy goes on to explain that the program’s sole purpose is to donate to local schools and organizations for their fundraising efforts. “It’s a fun and positive way to help our community!”

Bayer recoups no costs, allowing 100 percent of the proceeds to go directly to the organization. The program contributes fresh-from-the-field corn to the local food supply while supporting the community.

“We plant, grow and harvest the corn, and then we deliver it in dozen bags ready for sale. Since 2009, we’ve harvested 171,000 ears of corn for this program alone,” says Bicoy.

In addition to the Sweet Corn Fundraiser, Bayer also has an Employee Donations Program. The program has positively impacted over 120 Molokai organizations and schools. Together, those two programs have generated over $200,000 for the community’s needs.

Bayer also supports and encourages its employees to volunteer in the community, which is another way for the company to give back. In many instances, it has the equipment or the man power to step up when the community is in need, so Bayer is out there helping with things like setting up or hauling items for community anchor events.

“And these are the kinds of things that matter here on Molokai – showing up, lending a hand. We’re part of this island’s fabric,” Bicoy says. “Many of us come from generational families born and raised right here. Bayer has helped us to help our community and we are truly thankful and proud of that.”

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