Whip up a healthy homemade bone broth

An easy and healthy recipe you can make at home

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Looking for an easy recipe to help keep your immunity up? Look no further than this healthy homemade bone broth! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson and Hawaii News Now Sports Anchor Kainoa Carlson are in the kitchen with a look at how easy this recipe really is.

Making this bone broth is as simple as gathering all the ingredients, shredding a chicken, and throwing everything into a pot! You don’t waste anything with this dish, and you can even save the chicken meat for another recipe. Making bone broth is also a great way to get everyone in the family involved because each person can have a designated job — whether it’s shredding the chicken or chopping up those veggies.

As noted in the ingredients, this recipe uses chicken bone, but you can use other types of bones as well! This includes beef, poke, or even fish bones.


Bones and carcass of 1 chicken (or beef, pork, or fish bones)

12 cups filtered water

2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 generous pinch each sea salt and black pepper (plus more to taste)

1 round onion

1 bulb garlic

Leftover herbs and veggies

1/2 lemon



1) Sauté onion, garlic and veggies.

2) Add bones, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and water.

3) Simmer for 12-24 hours. (Pressure cook 4-6 hours or slow cook 12-24 hours).

4) Strain and discard bones. Use immediately or store in glass jars and freeze up to 1-2 months or more. (Just be sure to leave a couple inches at the top of the jar to allow for expansion in the freezer.)

Note: Bone broth typically gelatinizes when refrigerated because of the collagen content. That’s normal! When reheated, it liquefies once again, just like store-bought chicken broth.

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