What you need to know if you have spine issues from the doctors at Adventist Health Castle

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Do you have back pain? Talking with experts, such as the spinal specialists at Adventist Health Castle, is vital to diagnosing your problem. They can help you recover from spine or back problems and prevent future pain or injury by using the latest advancements in cervical artificial disc replacement or lumbar artificial disc replacement, among other treatments. These procedures can help ease a patients discomfort and improve their overall well-being. Dr. William Beringer is a neurosurgeon at Adventist Health Castle and explains how minimally invasive spine surgery can work and which patients make good candidates.

About Dr. William Beringer
Dr. Beringer is a neurosurgeon currently practicing at the Hawaii Brain and Spine center in Kailua, which is affiliated with Adventist Health Castle. Beringer discussed the latest advancements in spine surgery, including artificial disc replacements and who could be a candidate for this type of surgery.  Cervical artificial disc replacements are an advancement from cervical fusions and are designed to allow the neck to maintain normal motion.

About Adventist Health Castle
Adventist Health Castle’s commitment to quality health care stems from its heritage, which dates back to 1866 when the first Seventh-day Adventist health care facility opened in Battle Creek, Michigan. There, dedicated pioneers promoted the “radical” concepts of proper nutrition, exercise and sanitation. Early on, the facility was devoted to prevention as well as healing. They called it a sanitarium, a place where patients—and their families—could learn to be well.

More than a century later, the health care system sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church circles the globe with more than 160 hospitals and nearly 500 clinics, nursing homes and dispensaries worldwide. And the same vision to treat the whole person—mind, body and spirit—continues to provide the foundation for a progressive approach to health care.

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