What moms can expect after giving birth at Kapiolani Medical Center

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For decades, pregnant women have entrusted their health care needs to Kapiolani Medical Center, which has become synonymous with quality care for generations of Hawaii’s families. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is with Clinical Services Manager Brandy Rhinelander to talk more about the care offered at its Mother Baby Care Unit.

Kapiolani’s Mother Baby Care Unit features 52 private patient rooms and a newborn nursery and is where moms spend their recovery after delivering baby. Depending on their individual situations and delivery, most moms will spend 1-2 days recovering from delivery. During this time, the hospital’s team evaluates them and helps them through the initial recovery process, while also providing them with the tools and support to help them be as prepared as they possibly can be to go home with baby.

Everyone knows that breastfeeding offers tremendous benefits for both mom and baby, but breastfeeding is not always as easy as it may seem. Many moms experience challenges and difficulty when they first try breastfeeding, which is why lactation consultants on staff are available to assist moms. These are nurses that are specially trained and will help moms through any difficulties they may be facing.

Kapiolani also has a breastfeeding support group facilitated by lactation educators for moms and babies up to one year old. The group meets the first Tuesday of every month, so the support is there for moms even after they leave the hospital to help ensure a successful breastfeeding experience.

There’s also support for dads and partners at Kapiolani Medical Center. It can be easy to forget about them during this process, but it’s important that they feel included and bond with baby during this time. Its daddy bonding class offers support for dads and partners to ensure they build their own individual connections with baby too.

Even before baby arrives, expecting moms, dads and families can take advantage of the various classes offered at Kapiolani. The hospital offers a maternity tour so families can see the facility before they deliver and it also offers classes to help them prepare for delivery, infant care that covers general care and things like bathing, infant CPR, and even car seat safety with trained child passenger safety technicians who will help make sure their car seat is installed properly for their trip home with baby.

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