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What cat owners should look out for as their pets age

Helping your feline live a long and healthy life

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As your cats get older, it’s important to make sure they get the care they need so they can live a long lasting, healthy life. HI Now host is with Dr. Michael King from VCA Hawaii to talk about what pet owners should look out for as their felines age.

“We start considering them to be senior around eight or nine years of age, so that’s about the time that you’re gonna start seeing some of the older cat problems develop,” Dr. King says. The biggest problem veterinarians see in aging cats? Kidney disease.

“That’s something we want to be on the look out for early because the sooner we can catch it, the more treatment options there are,” he explains. “And it can be tough for owners to pick up on the subtle nuances of their cat developing kidney disease.” That’s why it’s important to bring your cat in for annual blood tests so that doctors can take a look at its kidneys.

“When we’re doing that we’re also looking for other things — liver disease, thyroid illness,” Dr. King says. He explains that a lot of older cats get hyperthyroidism, so they get too much thyroid production. “They start loosing weight and vomiting. Sometimes people think, ‘Oh, my cat just vomits a lot,’ but there may actually be a real reason they’re vomiting.”

Even if your pet is a house cat, Dr. King recommends bringing them in for an annual examination every year.

“They’re really good at hiding stuff, so if we can see them once a year, that’s a good protocol,” he says.

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