We Say Mahalo: A special message to Hawaii and its communities

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What are you thankful for? We all have people or things in our lives that help us get through the tough times. That’s why it’s especially important now more than ever to realize the things you’re thankful for and hold on to them tight.

“This song is our mahalo to essential workers in Hawaii and all across the globe. We are so thankful to those who give selflessly every day to ensure the safety of their family, friends, and community. We plan to donate 100 percent of the proceeds of the digital music sales to the Hawaii Foodbank to support their mission of providing and distributing food so no one goes hungry,” says Matt Glickstein, co-writer of “We Say Mahalo”.

“We Say Mahalo” was written by Matt Glickstein and Jason Spraggins, produced by Stefan Kelk, and features former Miss Hawaii and Lanai resident Jennifer Hera Pimentel on lead vocals. The song is available for sale on iTunes and at www.songsforabetterworld.com. There is also a music video for the song, which can be viewed on YouTube.

“Thank you to the community. To medical responders, law enforcement, all the other essential works… music educators — really just the community at large that understands that it’s really together that we’re able to get through all this,” says Steve Talbot of the Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Band.

“Now more than ever we realize how important that family is. So aloha to all the mothers and fathers out there,” says OHA’s Director of Community Engagement Mehanaokala Hind.

“Mahalo to everyone in Hawaii,” says Christina Kelley with Hawaii Energy. “I’m super grateful to live here during this challenging time.”

“I’d like to say thank you to everyone out there doing all these thankless jobs that might not otherwise be recognized,” says Will Pierce of the Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Band. “People bagging groceries or the sanitation works out there still keeping everything running. These guys working these utilities, keeping us all comfortable even though we’re all separated and isolated right now.”

Many took this opportunity to share their thanks with their families, restaurant workers, and even the ocean. So who are you thankful for? Now’s the time to take a moment to share a message about someone special. We could all use a little more positivity and an uplifting message to help us get through these challenging times.

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