Wave Builders: Providing extensive experience in the construction industry

Wave Builders: Providing extensive experience in the construction industry

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If you’ve been looking for a general contractor who is dependable and professional, look no further than Wave Builders! Founded by Wes Chun in 2015, Wave Builders, LLC represents honesty and integrity. From residential projects like new home construction, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling to large scale commercial projects, Wave Builders can do it all.

Wave Builders LLC is a general contractor that provides solutions for commercial and residential construction projects across Oahu. With all of Chun’s experience and knowledge of carpentry, starting his own construction company was naturally the next step in progress and growth.

In its first year, Wave Builders had over a hundred renovation projects and just as many pleased customers. Since then, Wave Builders has been thriving and receiving more commercial and residential construction projects every year. Chun says Wave Builders values its customers’ wants and needs, so the team there strives to create an honest relationship, respect homes as if they were their own, and produce high quality results quickly. The goal is to provide complete satisfaction to home and business owners across the islands, starting with Oahu.

For years prior to Wave Builders starting, many of its team members had already worked together in the construction industry. In addition to ensuring that customers are 100 percent satisfied with the work, Wave Builders goes to great lengths to ensure that safety and accountability is a part of its daily routine. Large scale construction projects are full of many moving pieces with equipment and materials that must be properly cared for. As a company that lives and breaths construction, Wave Builders is as committed to a beautiful finished project as it is to a safe working environment.

Wave Builders prides itself on employing reliable, honest contractors who love the craft and enjoy the entire process of helping customers beautify their property. Whether you know exactly what you need done to your home or business, or are just starting the process, contact Wave Builders to get started today!

For more information: wavebuildershi.com, Facebook: @WaveBuilders, or on Instagram: @wavebuildersllc