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Visiting Ha’ena State Park? Here are the new rules to keep in mind

You must make your reservation before visiting!

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The Hanalei Initiative is a collective group of caring citizens working for the betterment of Hanalei and the North Shore. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is on Kauai with Joel Guy, Executive Director of the Hanalei Initiative, to talk more about the nonprofit’s mission and how it helps to support Ha’ena State Park.

Formed to identify and solve the immediate and long-term community and environmental needs of Hanalei and Kauai’s North Shore, it operates under the premise of Community Led, Government Supported. The Hanalei Initiative recognizes the importance of community engagement combined with strong governmental relationships and aims to work together to seek solutions, strategize implementation, and follow its projects through to completion.

“The Hanalei Initiative came about in trying to find ways to support the Ha’ena State Park master plan through management of a shuttle system,” Guy explains. “We find that if you allow too many people to go visit these sacred areas and not provide them the tools they need to better experience it, I think you find that there’s a bigger challenge there.”

For those planning to visit Ha’ena State Park, it’s important to know that you must make a reservation online at That’s also where you can reserve your parking pass or book your shuttle tickets.

Guy explains that the park can handle 900 people a day. While half that number can come in their cars and park, the other half are encouraged to ride the shuttle. Keep in mind that anyone with a Hawaii State ID can present it at the front gate and can park wherever they want.

The Hanalei Initiative has three main areas of focus:

●  Water quality: The current wastewater standards in Hanalei are not what they should be, resulting in detrimental impacts on our beautiful rivers, streams and bay. The Hanalei Initiative understands the current challenges and is actively pursuing tangible solutions.

●  Transportation: When Hanalei was initially developed, it clearly was not designed for the daily 5,000 cars currently visiting the town and beaches. It hopes to build safe walking and bike paths, re-design roads, and implement efficient shuttle services.

●  Maintenance and Beautification: The Hanalei Initiative is creating a systematic approach to managing the overall maintenance of its open community spaces, which are currently in serious neglect. It is also in the process of developing Hanalei’s first public playground in over 30 years.

If you feel inspired to support this beautiful town of Hanalei, you can offer your support through a variety of tax-deductible donations.

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