Visit Stage Restaurant and Amuse Wine Bar and help raise breast cancer awareness

Special menu and offers in support of the Susan G. Komen foundation

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On the last Tuesday of every month, Stage Restaurant features a unique, themed menu during its Ovation Wine Dinner series. For September’s dinner, the theme is “Be More Than Pink.” The color pink will be incorporated into each dish in support of Susan G. Komen Hawaii and to help raise breast cancer awareness.

During the Ovation Wine Dinner series, Chef de Guzman either creates a themed menu for the month or mentors one of his staff through the creation process. This gives them some real world experience in crafting a menu from start to finish and gives them the opportunity to stretch and develop their culinary skills.

Stage Restaurant’s general manager, Michael Moore, says he’s glad to be a part of a program like this. He says he hopes to help others address the fear of examination, and that it’s good to stay active in your own health and wellness.

“Our goal is to help expand the awareness of Susan G. Komen’s mission beyond October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and make a small contribution in support of their mission and outreach programs in underserved communities in Hawaii,” Moore says.

Stage Restaurant hopes to raise money for the cause through its new “Be More Than Pink” wine cards that will be available at Amuse Wine Bar. The purchase price ($2) of each of these wine cards will be donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

In addition to the “Be More Than Pink” wine cards, there will also be a selection of cocktails and wines by the bottle featured throughout the months of September and October. Amuse Wine Bar and Stage Restaurant will donate $2 for each cocktail and $5 for each bottle of wine purchased from the special selections listed.

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