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Videographers capture a couple’s big day on “Hot Hawaiian Weddings”

Third season makes its debut on K5

It’s Wedding Week, and everyone knows that capturing the magical day for the bride and groom is one of the most important tasks, as it’s a keepsake the couple will cherish forever. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is with veteran wedding photographer Christiaan Phleger, director and producer of the K5 television show Hot Hawaiian Weddings.

Hot Hawaiian Weddings is a positive, uplifting program that shows the wedding day of a couple, along with other activities surrounding the wedding, like the rehearsal dinner. Phleger says they always do an adventure segment where the couple has a chance to go off and explore Hawaii.

“I feel that weddings are a universal event,” Phleger said. It’s two people, coming together with their family, friends, and community as an assertion of love for each other. “Love is a wonderful thing! People love to have a great time celebrating with joy at weddings.”

Hot Hawaiian Weddings will be airing its third season, and at 12 weddings per season, that’s a lot of celebration! Weddings can be a big affair, especially in Hawaii. “The local wedding industry professionals work very hard to provide a great event for everyone,” Phleger said. “From the largest to the smallest weddings, everyone wants it to be the best day and they all work so hard to make every wedding the best they can for the couple and the guests.”

This season, the show has included a segment about Hawaiian Culture. “The concept of Aloha is something we wish to share,” Phleger said. He explains that it gives featured couples the opportunity to share the ways they choose to represent and incorporate the Hawaiian culture into their weddings.

Phleger says he’s lucky to be able to share what he sees and experiences during weddings with the audience. “I especially thank the couples and their families for sharing their love with all of us,” he said.

You can see the new season of Hot Hawaiian Weddings Wednesday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on K5.

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