VCA Hawaii on keeping your pet’s ears clean and healthy

Keeping up with ear exams to protect your pet from infections or mites

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When it comes to taking care of our furry friends, it’s important to keep their ear health in mind! The experts at VCA Hawaii say that ear exams are important to ensure pets don’t have ear infections or mites. These exams are performed routinely during your pets wellness visit or if you notice a problem with the ear.

So how do you know if your pet needs an ear exam or cleaning? If you notice your pet shaking its head, scratching at the ears, or if you notice any odor coming from their ears, these are signs to look out for. One of the more obvious signs is seeing a lot of brown or black debris when you look inside your pet’s ears.

If you do end up seeing something in your pet’s ear, the experts at VCA Hawaii say you can always flush out their ear with an appropriate cleaner. However, it’s important to note that you should never try to put things in their ear canal. If you’re concerned, it’s always safest to give your veterinarian a call.

Dr. Michael King with VCA Hawaii explains that many dogs lose their hearing as they age.

“This is not a serious problem,” he says. “If you notice that your puppy cannot hear, it may be due to congenital deafness. Again, not a serious problem.”

While ear exams are necessary to check on your pet’s ear health, some pet owners may wonder if the process is painful for pets. Dr. King explains that they is some mild discomfort from the exam and cleaning that most pets tolerate well unless there is an infection or chronic inflammation.

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