VCA Family shares tips to keeping pets safe in the heat

VCA Family and Oahu Veterinary Center

We all know there is no place that has better weather than Hawaii, but sometimes the heat and the humidity can get to us and even our pets. While we know giving them lots of water helps, it’s not the only thing you can do to help your pet stay cool. VCA Family and Oahu Veterinary Center Doctor Michael King joined our host Jobeth Devera on set with his beautiful Great Dane Isabelle to discuss best practices in keeping your pet safe in the heat.

Whether your pets are inside or outside roaming with you, always provide your animal with an ample amount of water to keep it hydrated. It can get hot when you take your dog for a walk, hike or run. Try choosing a time during the day when the weather is cooler such as early morning or at dusk. Avoid hot surfaces, such as asphalt, that can burn paws.

Make sure to notice the signs of dehydration. Here’s a quick way to test for it. Pinch the skin between your animal’s shoulders. If the skin does not pop back into place your pet may be dehydrated. And make sure you always have a fresh supply of water for your pet.

Veterinarians suggest you learn to recognize pets limits in the heat. Certain breeds have a harder time cooling off, like Bulldogs or Pugs, while double-coated dogs like German Shepherds and Huskies have the tendency to overheat. Consult your vet if you’re unsure about your pet’s reaction to the heat.

Another good trick for keeping your pet cool is to give the animal ice cubes. Pet Popsicles can be made out of frozen water or even their food. These are some of the easy ways you can keep your furry friends cool in the heat.

About Dr. Michael King:
Dr. King is a graduate of Michigan State University and has been practicing veterinary medicine for 14 years.  He is currently the Area Medical Director for all VCA hospitals on Oahu.

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