Valenciano family teams up with Kauai Independent Food Bank to give back

Pooling resources to help the Kamakani community

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For the Valenciano ohana, giving has always been apart of their nature growing up on the Garden Isle. The large local family was raised with strong roots in the Kamakani district of Kauai stretching as far back as the early plantation days.​

When the global pandemic of COVID-19 rapidly spread and impacted communities across the state of Hawaii, Kamakani was among the areas hit the hardest. ​

Food and resources became scarce and options seemed limited to many in the community. Following weeks of conversations, the Valenciano family came together in an effort to help their hometown. ​Crystal Rowe and her brother Randall Valenciano got together, along with the rest of their siblings, to pool their resources, including money and food donations to take to Kamakani.​

While in the midst of their effort to support the area, the Kauai Independent Food Bank Executive Director Kelvin Moniz received wind of what they were trying to do and immediately agreed to contribute. ​

Moniz, who also grew up in the Kamakani district, was in the midst of organizing many food donation drives around the island and provided the infrastructure and supplies to match what the Valenciano family was getting set to donate. ​

In early June, accompanied by the Valenciano ohana and the Kauai Independent Food bank, a food donation drive was held in Kamakani .

Although the donation drive took place in Kamakani, the food and supplies were welcome to any family in need on Kauai. ​From keiki to kupuna, hundreds of local families were served that day. ​

The Valenciano family is encouraging others in the local community to Kokua where they can and to remember those who are in need. ​To contribute to the people of Kauai and donate to the Independent Kauai Food Bank head to