University Health Partners general surgeon on the benefits of telemedicine

See a doctor from the comfort of home

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Telemedicine gives health care professionals the ability to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients using telecommunications technology. The method is all about removing barriers between patients and providers.

Under otherwise normal circumstances, telemedicine might be used by people without access to reliable transportation, or those who are simply unable to show up in person. Unfortunately, as the world continues to mitigate the spread of the virus through social distancing, telemedicine’s status has changed from beneficial to necessary for a much larger percentage of the population.

Although the sudden necessity of telehealth is unexpected, it is not without its benefits to both patients and health care providers alike.

Potential benefits for patients include:

• Less time spent away from work

• Zero travel expenses

• Minimal interference with child or elder care

• Increased Privacy

• Zero exposure to contagious patients at hospital

Potential benefits for healthcare professionals include:

• Improved overall efficiency

• Better patient follow-ups

• Improved health outcomes

• Fewer cancellations and missed appointments

Telemedicine is as easy as picking up a phone and calling (808) 469-4982. At the end of the day, University Health Partners (UHP) wants to use technology to engage with patients, and telemedicine makes it easier and more convenient than ever for patients to focus on staying healthy instead of rearranging their busy lives to visit the hospital.

Telemedicine supports traditional care by offering flexibility for patients to remotely follow up when appropriate or necessary. This alleviates logistical stress, as quality health care is just a short phone call away.

During a typical telemedicine appointment, your health care provider will likely communicate with you through HIPAA compliant videoconferencing. You might additionally send or receive medical records or images important to the evaluation or diagnosis.

With new telemedicine options, seeing your doctor has never been easier! It is currently available for select services through:


• Family Medicine

• Internal Medicine

• Behavioral Health

• Surgery

• Speech & Hearing services

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