UFC Gym Waikele coaches and staff Feed Our Fighters

Raising funds to show aloha to Hawaii's medical first responders and local restaurants

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We’ve never seen businesses come together they way they have these past two months during the COIVD-19 pandemic. UFC Gym Waikele is one of those that’s been looking out for the community by raising funds to purchase meals from its neighboring restaurants and delivering them to the healthcare workers currently on the front lines.

For more than a month, personal trainers and fitness coaches from the UFC Gym in Waikele have engaged in another exercise — feeding front line workers.

“We’ve been doing something called Feed Our Fighters,” personal trainer Jordin Ramos said.

The gym is closed to clients because of the interruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic so the general manager found another way to keep her crew busy.

“As coaches working in the fitness industry it’s an inherent nature for us to want to give and keep on doing for others,” general manager Cari Nishimura-Burnett said.

That set in motion the gym’s Feed Our Fighters campaign. Here’s how it works.

“We get donations,” Ramos said. “We ask for local businesses to help us, food businesses, to help get meals and prepare meals for local healthcare workers.”

The personal trainers deliver the food to hospitals and clinics to honor the doctors, nurses, medical and support staff who’ve been concentrating on the coronavirus fight.

Nishimura-Burnett said the feeling they get from the selfless act is priceless.

“The feeling is pretty amazing. It allows you to keep on wanting to do more,” Nishimura-Burnett said.

The money for the meals also helps eateries that are struggling to stay afloat.

“I’ve seen a few of our friends already have to close down their businesses and everything. So that was the first thing that I thought about. What can we to help our local restaurants,” Nishmura-Burnett said.

During the business shutdown, the gym staff has been unemployed. They’re delivering the food on their own time.

“Cari always says, ‘One person can’t change the whole world, but you can change that one person’s life,'” Ramos said.

The Feed Our Fighters campaign needs financial support to keep going. It’s accepting donations.

“We’re utilizing Venmo and PayPal, to have all the donations go through them, and it’s very track-able, very black and white,” Nishimura-Burnett said.

You can donate to the cause through Venmo: @feedourfighters or Paypal: paypal.me/feedourfighters