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Tying the knot and finances: Four key topics to discuss with your other half

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Many couples spend a lot of time planning and budgeting for their wedding. This is very important, but they often end up neglecting financial planning for the rest of their lives. American Savings Bank (ASB) wants to be that trusted partner for couples and is sharing some simple steps they can take to talk about their finances and set themselves up for long-term success.

During wedding season, a lot of couples spend time planning the big day. Oftentimes, they have a budget that they set and use throughout the planning process. While this is important, many couples fail to discuss money matters after the big day. ASB believes that having discussions about money early on in relationships can make a big difference in a couple’s long-term success. There’s no better time than now to determine how to maintain a financially healthy partnership in the future.

ASB recommends couples discuss four key topics:
1) Managing your money
2) Being prepared for the unexpected
3) Borrowing wisely
4) Saving for the future

By discussing these topics, couples can prioritize the financial health of the relationship and determine the steps they need to take in the immediate and long-term future.

To get a better look at your financial health, ASB offers a simple online financial checkup where couples can get a baseline on their individual financial health. You can also stop by any of the bank’s 50 branches across the state and one of its team members can walk you through the process. At the end, you’ll get a snapshot of your own financial health that you can then use as a springboard for financial discussions with your other half.

Just like with your physical health, sometimes you need to call in an expert to help you with your financial health. The experts at ASB are more than happy to talk to you about your financial plan. In fact, its new ASB Campus Branch just recently opened and its team is ready to meet your needs. You can even book an appointment ahead of time online at

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