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Turn your roof into a solar powerhouse with new solar shingles from Sunetric

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Instead of putting solar panels on your roof, what if your roof acted as your energy source? HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Zach Englert from Sunetric checking out Powerhouse Solar Shingles to see how they work as both a durable roof and a solar system.

POWERHOUSE 3.0 Solar Shingles are manufactured by RGS Energy and are offered here in Hawaii exclusively by Sunetric, operating as both a roof and a solar product. It protects the home and is installed directly on the roof deck, integrating with standard asphalt roofing shingles. Powerhouse also contains efficient solar electric cells, providing solar power to the home.

Many homeowners want to go solar, but many don’t like the aesthetics of solar panels on a roof. Powerhouse solves that problem because it is the roof, as the shingles are flush with the roof and nearly disappear from street-level. In addition, roughly 80 percent of homes have asphalt shingle rooftops, and many of these roofs are old, meaning it wouldn’t make sense to install a solar system without re-roofing the house first. This delays a homeowner’s ability to go solar and the money they would be saving by doing so.

Powerhouse is UL Certified with a Class A fire rating and wind-tested up to 200 mph. In high-wind or hurricane-prone areas, Powerhouse is by far the better choice. The Powerhouse 3.0 has efficiency ratings comparable to most solar panels on the market today, making it a game-changer for solar shingles and setting it a step above similar products.

A typical Powerhouse project is comparable in cost to re-roofing the house and then installing solar panels. However, there are expected to be more tax credits available for the Powerhouse project, so the total cost is oftentimes less than re-roofing and then adding a solar system. Every roof and every home’s solar needs are different so project costs can vary.

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