Try some vegan comfort food from Juicy Brew in Kaimuki

A great way to add more plant-based options into your meals

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If you’re vegan or are looking to add more plant-based options to your diet, Juicy Brew in Kaimuki is the place for you! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson went to check out the menu.

Juicy Brew opened in 2014, and today it offers grab and go takeout options that feature local ingredients. On the weekend, the eatery even offers its popular vegan brunch!

“Our menu is always changing. We’re always offering new bento options,” says Chef Jennifer Hee. “It became more and more important to us to really consider the values which were maybe not supporting animal agriculture. If I want to protect the inhabitants of this planet, I have to be vegan, this business has to be vegan, we just have to make a radical change.”

Juicy Brew aims to make food that’s appealing to everyone — not just those who are vegan. Hee says she hopes their dishes are foods anyone can recognized and be comforted by, like lasagna. Trying food from Juicy Brew is even a great way to transition into eating more vegan options.

“Over time, we have become more mission driven,” Hee says.

She’s also developed a better understanding of the health and environmental benefits of plant based-food. Hee has type 2 diabetes and manages without medication by adopting a plant-based diet and by being active.

Juicy Brew’s most popular items are its golden milk-‘ulu cinnamon rolls, loco mocos, waffles, breakfast sammies, and Buffalo “Chik’n” Wraps.

“We love local starches — ‘ulu, cassava, kalo,” Hee says. “We use lau as a substitute for greens in creating dishes such as a local version of spanakopita.”

Juicy Brew even makes laulau using smoked local jackfruit! You’ll also find the eatery making kimchi using the abundance of local Asian greens and daikon. And finally — don’t forget to try its bestselling tofu poke!

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