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Transform your hair at Megumi Organic Salon with natural, chemical-free Henna

Henna dye offers all-natural alternative

When it comes to getting your hair treated, a lot of salons use products that expose people to harsh chemicals. Megumi Organic Salon is Hawaii’s first and only green salon and HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is going brunette with the help of its natural and organic products.

Megumi Organic Salon is a 100 percent chemical free salon inspired to help create a space where people can dye their hair using organic, completely natural plant dyes like Henna. It’s pure henna and other plant colors are mixed daily to create personalized results unique to each person’s hair. It also uses the John Masters Organics line of hair products, so you can feel safe knowing you and your hair are receiving the best possible care.

Owner and stylist Lisa Megumi Rogers opened Megumi Organic Salon after experiencing a life changing allergic reaction to cosmetic chemicals commonly found in hair dye. Having worked as a hair stylist for many years, she was exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis, and the sudden allergic reaction took her by surprise. After doing some research, she found that using henna offered a gentler way to color hair. She says it’s been a learning journey and feels truly blessed to be able to provide a safe way to stay naturally beautiful.

All the plants used at the salon come directly from India. Henna, indigo and cassia are the leaves of a plant that is harvested, dried, pulverized and then sifted into a fine powder. The dye of the plant is what stains the hair. Using plants to dye hair is a chemical-free way to get the same result, and it’s safe for everyone.

While dying hair at Megumi Organic Salon, stylists start by applying plants to your hair, then wrap it with a cotton shower cap and scarf of your choice. The standard process is to leave henna in your hair for five hours, then wash it out in the shower. Rogers says you can even wash it out at the beach since the materials are environmentally friendly. Since the plants have to stain the hair, the longer it’s on, the deeper the results.

For more information:, FB, IG: @megumiorganicsalon