Transform your bathroom and kitchen with Island Transformations

Enhance the beauty of all spaces with one affordable makeover

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Looking to do some remodeling in your home this year? Island Transformations is a team of refinishing professionals with over two decades of glazing and painting experience that can help you bring new life into your living spaces.

Island Transformations is Hawaii’s number one refinishing experts based on Oahu for cost effective solutions for any bathroom and kitchen. They are committed to enhancing the beauty of all spaces with one affordable makeover. With help from Island Transformations, you can achieve that brand new look you always imagined and put the showroom quality back into your home or office!

Over the years, the experts at Island Transformations have perfected their trade in resurfacing bathtubs, sinks, and counter-tops. The team works to advise and provide the best solution to each unique problem. Not only will the end result be beautiful, but the company also works to finish projects in an ecologically friendly way. Since its methods don’t include construction, materials are diverted from landfills and the disruption to your household is minimal compared to more traditional bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

The refinishing process transforms your existing tub, tile or counter tops in 24-48 hours! Upgrade and add value to your home with no messy demolition or long inconveniences. Island Transformations will save you up to 80 percent over the cost of replacement. Replacing your bathtub, tile walls or counter tops requires an extensive amount of work and a considerable investment of both time and money.

Whether it’s a shower wall or cabinet refinishing project, the professionals at Island Transformations will use their knowledge and experience to provide you with the best solution for your refinishing needs. The team is committed to providing an aesthetically pleasing finished product that you can trust to last.

Interested in Island Transformations in your next home remodeling project? Just call 808-690-3918 for a free estimate!

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