Top Valentine’s Day gifts to keep away from pet cats and dogs

Keep chocolate, plants, and balloons out of your pet's reach

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! While it’s a time to express our love to friends and family, often times the gifts we give aren’t always safe for our pets. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson caught up with Dr. Noele Tom from VCA University Animal Hospital to learn more about how to protect our pets during this holiday.

Dr. Tom says some of the top items to keep out of your pet’s reach are chocolate, especially for dogs, and plants. For example, she says lilies should be kept away from pet cats.

“A lot of people get roses, which aren’t toxic to pets, but if they eat them they can get upset stomachs and things like that,” she adds.

Another gift to keep away from pets are balloons because of the string, which a pet may try to swallow.

When it comes to a pet dog getting into some chocolate, Dr. Tom says different types of chocolate, like dark versus white, have different types of toxicity. It’s important to give these details to your veterinarian if your pet eats something they shouldn’t.

Dr. Tom says the best way to keep pets safe around Valentine’s Day is to keep all gifts like chocolate, balloons, and plants up and out of reach. If an emergency does happen, you can reach a veterinarian at VCA University at 808-988-2111.

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