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Tips to manage your credit from American Savings Bank

The higher the score, the more options available to you!

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Understanding your credit score and figuring out how to improve your credit may sometimes feel daunting, but it’s something that’s necessary, as it can improve or hinder your financial health. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson spoke with American Savings Bank about the importance of understanding and managing your credit.

Credit basically allows you to borrow and access loans to purchase goods and services that you pay back. A common measure of your creditworthiness is a credit score. Your credit score determines things such as whether you qualify for a loan, the interest rate you will be charged, and the maximum amount you may be loaned. With good credit, you’re able to more easily achieve goals such as buying a home, leasing a car, paying off debt and more.

If you want to learn more about credit, ASB has free resources on its website available to anyone. The bank’s Financial Capability playlist at even has a five-minute training specifically on credit.

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