Tips on how to make a good first impression at your next job interview

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Making a good impression is key while interviewing with prospective employers, but it can also be nerve-racking! That’s why Bishop & Company is sharing some tips on the best ways to prepare for job interviews and how to make yourself standout as the right candidate.

Best ways to prepare for an interview:
1) Do research ahead of time. Research the organization, who you are meeting with, types of questions to ask or what you may be asked. Employers often want to know that you took the time to learn about who they are, what they are about, and what they value.
2) Practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to rehearse your answers! Ask a friend or spouse to practice with you.
3) Know where you are going and where to park.
4) Arrive early, but not too early.
5) Every touch point is an opportunity to make a great impression. The interview can start the minute you walk in the door.
6) Remember to make as great of an impression on the receptionist as the interviewer.
7) Come dressed professionally.
8) Come with copies of your resume.
9) Silence your phone or leave it in your car.
10) Follow up after the interview and send a thank you note!

Common interview questions:
1) Why are you interested in our company?
2) Why are you interested in this role?

A suggested response may be: “I’m interested in this role because your priority for the role is project management through collaboration with others, keeping everyone in focus and on schedule, and my work history is a proven record of exactly that.” This shows that you understand expectations for the role and that you have the experience to succeed.

Examples of questions to ask your interviewer:
1) Why is this position open?
2) What can I expect in my first 90 days on the job?
3) What is your organization’s biggest challenges for this year?
4) Where do you see someone in this position going or having accomplished in the next 3-5 years?

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