Tighten up your skin with minimally-invasive treatment from Elite Health Hawaii

A natural-looking face-lift

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As we age our faces change, but with Elite Health Hawaii, you don’t have to look like you’re getting older! On this Transformation Tuesday, HI Now is getting an up-close look at Pixel8-RF Microneedling with Dr. Scott Sanderson.

“We lose volume in our faces as we age, so we lose our cheekbones, we lose the fat pads, and then our skin gets thinner,” Dr. Sanderson explains. “We have something in our clinic to try to addresses each of these issues.”

Dr. Sanderson says Elite Health Hawaii can add volume back to the face with dermal fillers, but it uses the PiXel8-RF for the thinning and sagging of the skin.

PiXel8-RF uses bi-polar, radiofrequency energy in addition to the use of minimally invasive microneedles to provide an effective, non-surgical treatment. During the treatment session, the PiXel8-RF device drives heat deep into your skin to stimulate your skin’s tissue causing your elastin cells to regenerate and help remodel the collagen-producing your own skin’s collagen to give you a natural-looking face-lift.

When you get this treatment, you can expect to see results that will tighten the skin around your neck, face, chin and eyebrow areas. It also reduces wrinkles! The treatment can also tighten loose skin anywhere on your body, including the stomach, arms, and thighs. It can even improve acne scars, skin tone, and texture, as well as reduce the appearance of pores.

About Dr. Scott Sanderson:

Dr. Sanderson studied psychology and pre-med as an undergraduate. He attended medical school at the University of Washington then completed residency in Tacoma, Washington. Since completing his residency Dr. Sanderson has worked in multiple hospitals on the U.S. mainland and on multiple islands in Hawaii. He is certified in Anti-Aging Medicine as well as board certified in Emergency Medicine. He is clinical faculty at the John A. Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu as well as an instructor of Advanced Trauma Life Support.

For more information: elitehealthhawaii.com, Facebook: Elite Health Hawaii, and on Instagram: @Scottsandersonmd