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Thrive Med Spa’s Fire and Ice treatment combines two fat reduction techniques

The new Fire and Ice treatment at Thrive Med Spa combines heat treatments with cold treatments to visibly reduce fat in just one visit. It combines cryolipolysis, which kills fat cells with cold, and heat lipolysis, which kills fat cells with radio frequency.

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The process begins with the cold treatment, then moves into the radio frequency.

“The cold is going to start the process and put the fat cells into this weakened state, and then hit them with the heat,” said Dr. Scott Sanderson. “The heat brings a bunch of blood flow into the area and kills more of them.”

This procedure is painless and usable on any part of the body. “The only side effect has been some redness of the skin afterwards,” said Dr. Sanderson. “Every once in a while, somebody will get a lot of swelling; that’s a good sign, it tells us we’ve got a lot of cell death going on.”

Dr. Sanderson says that patients usually see the best results after three weeks, along with a balanced diet and exercise.

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