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There’s more than just checking or savings accounts at Hawaii State FCU

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Most people may think a credit union is just a place to have a checking or savings account, however, credit unions offer a lot more, including dedicated financial service professionals to help with your personal financial goals like buying a home or car, or to become debt-free. HI Now host Jobeth Devera talked to one Hawaii State FCU member who feels the advice he received was priceless to help put him on the right path to financial success.

Having financial goals is the first step toward financial freedom. Whether it’s getting rid of debt, saving money to buy a home, starting a child’s education fund or saving for retirement, having the right team of people behind you to answer all your questions is the key to success. Eugene Tugaoen is a Hawaii State FCU Kapolei branch member and shared how he made the decision to reach out to HSFCU for help. Tee Nahinu is the financial service professional that worked with Tugaoen to understand his whole financial picture.

“Given my current financial situation,” said Tugaoen, “my options at the time were to either get a personal loan or personal line of credit. Getting a personal loan would give me a timeline and to get things paid off at a quicker rate. A personal line of credit would give me the choice to either pay things off quicker or have a longer time to pay off debt. With Hawaii State FCU’s competitive interest rates I was able to lock in a great rate that no other credit union could offer me. For me obtaining important information from the Financial Service Specialist was priceless. Tee painted the entire picture of all my options in resolving my debt situation.”

About Hawaii State FCU
Hawaii State FCU was founded in 1936 by a handful of government workers who believed in people helping people and watching out for one another’s back. Today, the banking institution still lives by those founding ideals, ensuring that it is Always Right by You throughout your financial journey.

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