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The secret behind Kaʻū Coffee Mill’s award-winning brew

Sponsored by Kaʻū Coffee Mill

As Culture Week continues, HI Now host Jobeth Devera is in the district of Kaʻu on Hawaii Island. There you’ll find the largest deposit of ash-based soil where Ka’u Coffee Mill grows its coffee trees. This coffee growing region provides a unique climate for the growing of specialty coffee.

In order to ensure the highest levels of quality for its coffee, everything is harvested by hand using a team of skilled pickers. Ka’u Coffee utilizes selective harvesting, picking only the ripest, reddest cherries. Next, it uses three processing methods: Washed, Semi-washed and Natural.

Ka’u Coffee’s award winning Ka’u coffee beans are fresh roasted daily to provide maximum freshness and flavor. The art of roasting is a lifetime learning process. That’s why Ka’u Coffee is continuously striving to perfect the art and craft of roasting by furthering its roasters’ knowledge and skills in the history, fundamentals, and science of coffee roasting.

The exquisite and delicate taste of Ka’u coffee is best roasted at a low heat, medium flavor profile. It produces sample batches, taking great care to cup each batch and develop the most suitable flavor profiles for each roast type offered.

About Kaʻu Coffee Mill
Kaʻu Coffee Mill, LLC is a full service coffee mill providing services and retail sales in the district of Kaʻu on the Island of Hawaii. The retail shop provides free tours of coffee orchards, milling, and roasting. The products available for sale include a wide variety of fine Kaʻu coffee, macadamia nuts, art, and gifts all from local artists and producers.

Kaʻu Coffee Mill has become an increasingly large financial stimulus for the towns of Pahala and Wood Valley in the Kaʻu district. The mill has been able to locally provide job opportunities, community outreach, and international recognition for Kaʻu coffee. A growing interest within the tourism industry has sprouted new ideas and ventures for the hardworking, close-knit town. Visitors are greeted enthusiastically and welcomed to free tours, samples, and unique items for sale found nowhere else on the island. Kaʻu Coffee Mill strives to bring connection with other local companies to keep business on island. In addition, the mill’s new 400kW hydroelectric plant is currently being built to fully power all operations via renewable energy.

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