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The Road to the Hula Bowl: The Job Interview

Players under constant evaluation in days leading up to Hula Bowl

The Hula Bowl is a unique experience for players who are invited.

While much of the pageantry of the game and the festivities leading up to the big night at Aloha Stadium are fun, much of their week long experience in Hawaii is rooted in the unknown.

As soon as players arrive in Hawaii they’re put under constant evaluation.

32 NFL scouts as well as talent evaluators from both the Canadian football league and WWE are judging their every move and action both on the field and in the community.

The Hula Bowl also served as the final opportunity for these players to get film before the NFL Draft.

The players invited are in essence taking part in a one week long job interview in which their dream job is seemingly one snap or one good or bad decision away.

During the week players participate in the wonderlick test.

The test is a serious of questions ranging in easy to high difficulty and covering a variety of subjects, mainly math.

Height and weight evaluations are also taken so scouts are able to see players beyond just the traditional ‘eye test.’

While some players view the opportunity to take part in the Hula Bowl as a chance to come to Hawaii for the first time, others use it as a final capstone an monumental moment in their career.

A good showing at the Hula Bowl undeniably raise players noterietay and possibly catapult them to something greater.

Over 20 players signed NFL contracts following the Hula Bows reboot in 2019, and the expectation is with many of the other notable post season college all star games being cancelled due to COVID.

The 2021 Hula bowl game will be the biggest and baddest opportunity yet.