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The Boardshort Chef and the Surf Professor serve up deconstructed lau lau

"The Boardshort Chef" Hunter Gentry and "The Surf Professor" Ian 'Akahi Masterson join forces to make a deconstructed lau lau with steamed fish, poussin cru and haupia sauce.

Sponsored by Cutter Ford

First, they slice up some garlic, onions, green onions and pickled cherry tomatoes. Then, they pour fresh coconut water over the ahi and add the vinegar from the pickled cherry tomatoes to the sauce. Next, they dice up two red chili peppers and set them aside.

After adding coconut water and Hawaiian salt, it’s time to steam the fish over a wood flame. Slice the ahi for the poisson cru and mix the garlic, coconut milk, and vinegar into the sauce. Finally, plate your finished steamed fish, poisson cru and steamed sweet potato, and drizzle the haupia sauce over the top.

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