Thank You For You: Sending uplifting messages to the community

Sending a big mahalo to Hawaii's essential workers

What are you thankful for? We all have people or things in our lives that help us get through the tough times. That’s why it’s especially important now more than ever to realize the things you’re thankful for and hold on to them tight.

“At Cookies Clothing Company, we would just like to say mahalo and show our appreciation to all those employees that didn’t get shutdown during the quarantine and braved it out there for all of us so we could go to Costco, Target, and Foodland,” says Christina Cook Springmeier. “We’re just so grateful that you guys were out there taking care of us.”

“I’m grateful for all the staff at Hawaii State FCU for keeping us open for business through this crisis and continuing to serve our members,” Andrew Rosen says.

“I want to say mahalo to all the local farmers who have been hustling more than ever — especially local farm aggregators like Farm Link who have been trying to get local produce to individual homes as well as restaurants,” says Jennifer Hee.

“We are just so grateful for the generosity that’s been extended to our ohana at this time” says Loke Oliveros. “Hawaii, we love you. We love our community, we love our people, and the aloha spirit is thriving because there is no one like you. Aloha!”

So who are you thankful for? Now’s the time to take a moment to share a message about someone special. We could all use a little more positivity in our lives and an uplifting message to help us get through these challenging times.

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