Texaco Mobile Pay Makes Fueling Safe & Easy

Filling gas can be a tedious process of exiting your vehicle and going into the store or swiping your credit card to pay. HI Now host Rachel Pacarro heads down to Texaco to learn how they are making it safer and easier to fuel up with their mobile app!

Sponsored by Texaco in Hawai’i

Texaco’s new mobile app allows drivers to pay for gas from the comfort of their own vehicle. It helps create one less touchpoint during these COVID times and can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android devices.

Mobile pay apps have become a staple in the consumer experience, and the Texaco App is no different. “You can link all main payments like Visa, Mastercard, American Express,” says Heather Namahoe, Brand Manager at Texaco in Hawai’i. “You can even use Apple Pay or Venmo.” With the app, Namahoe says that it will create a quicker, easier experience for drivers filling gas.

Namahoe says that Texaco is proud to continue offering their top tier fuel with Techron. “We put our Techron additive in every grade of gas, weather you use regular, plus or supreme.” Not only does it give you great mileage, but Techron also allows your vehicle to perform its best.

Island Energy is the locally operated company behind Texaco in Hawai’i that puts the community and environment first. Recently, they launched the state’s first carbon offset program called Ho’ala. Every time someone fills up at Texaco, Island Energy makes an investment into certified carbon offset projects to help reduce vehicle emissions by up to 30%. The Ho’ala program also supports local non-profit organizations like Kupu, Malama Learning Center, and Hui o Ho`ohonua amongst others. “Every time you choose Texaco, you’re making a better decision for the environment,” says Namahoe.

For more information: texacoinhawaii.com