Tane Vegan Izakaya brings sustainable sushi options to Honolulu

Creating beautiful and complex flavor profiles with plants

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People in Hawaii love their sushi. While there are many places to choose from, HI Now host Jobeth Devera is checking out Tane Vegan Izakaya, a restaurant known for its sushi that’s made without fish or seafood!

Tane Vegan Izakaya is proud to be a fully plant-based restaurant. It applies classic Japanese culinary techniques to vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, and flowers to create delicious dishes that are beautiful to behold and gentle on our planet. Lui says Tane hasn’t really invented anything new, but that they are just trying to return to roots and approaches that honor the planet and provide alternatives for less sustainable meal options.

“Vegan cuisine has a very deep relationship with Japanese culture,” says chef and owner Kin Lui. “Buddhist Zen Temple, they have a cuisine which is called Shojin Ryori. It’s based on vegetables only. It’s all about being creative.”

Tane is founded on the idea that the restaurant can create beautiful, complex flavor profiles by offering plants the same level of focus and skill that sushi chefs usually reserve for fish.

First dish on the menu today? The Brussels sprouts appetizer complete with an agave mustard and wasabi aioli sauce! The perfect way to start your meal. Next up is a plate of nigiri, or hand-pressed sushi, all made different ways. And finally, two of Tane’s specialty sushi rolls: The Manila Dune and The Wedge.

“We try to work with local vegetables, and it really opened up my eyes how much plants or vegetables we could get from the island and eat local,” says Lui.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Honolulu, Lui’s first love has always been the ocean. Captivated with the plight of the bluefin tuna and other key oceanic species, he is passionate about finding ways to preserve and evolve the art of sushi while at the same time safeguarding the ocean and the many creatures that call it home. He is fascinated by vegan cuisine and is committed to bringing plant-based sushi to as many communities as possible.

While Lui has other restaurants in San Francisco, he returned home to Honolulu to bring all of the experience he received while working on the mainland, creating a restaurant with a new concept that also combines his love for Hawaii and its people.

So check out Tane Vegan Izakaya and see if you miss the fish and seafood! For parties of seven or more, please call: 808-888-7678.

Tane Vegan Izakaya
2065 South Beretania St.
Honolulu HI 96826

For more information: tanevegan.com