Take a mental break from the pressures of life with classes at Hot Yoga College of India

Sponsored by Hot Yoga College of India

If you find yourself feeling rundown, you may want to give yoga a try as the mind-body practice is known to help reduce stress. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is trying out a class at Hot Yoga College of India with owner Samantha Lockwood to sweat it out.

Lockwood’s studio is unique in that it focuses on teaching Bikram-style Hot Yoga. She says the yoga practice oxygenates the body, creating more ease. This practice helps you sleep better during the hours you are sleeping because your mind and body are already more relaxed. With regular practice, about 3-5 times a week, you will end up feeling better and more energized.

Lockwood says people often come to practice to escape their lives for a while and refocus on themselves. She says class is like a therapeutic “gas station,” where students can take a mental break from the pressures of life, work, bills, and family life.

Things to know before your yoga practice:
1) For your first class just try your best, breathe and take it easy.
2) If it is your first class pick a spot in the second row. Generally the front row is for students who have been coming for awhile and they can lead as you follow along.
3) Bring three big towels. You will need two towels for class and to avoid getting sweat on the floor and one for your shower after class.
4) Come in with a clean body. It is mandatory that students come into the room with clean feet.
5) Arrive early! Please come to the studio at least 15-20 minutes before class, especially on your first time.
6) Do not talk during the class.
7) Please do not bring cell phones, purses, or personal items into the hot room. Leave your belongings in the locker room, and your personal baggage at the door.
8) Stay in the room for the full 90 minutes. Please use the toilet before class and take care of any needs you might have before the class begins. Once you are in the room you should not need or have to leave. If you feel dizzy just sit down and take a break, but please don’t leave.
9) Please come into the room in the right state of mind, with an open mind and an open heart.

For more information: hotyogacollegeofindia.com, facebook.com/BikramYogaHonolulu