Surf Line Hawaii collaborates with Japanese designer to create unique collection

Collaboration draws inspiration from both the present and the past

Sponsored by Jams World and Surf Line Hawaii

Surf Line Hawaii has been an iconic brand in the islands for decades, and now it’s crossing the Pacific into Japan where it’s collaborating with well-known designer Hiroshi Yamada. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson stopped by the Surf Line Hawaii pop up at Ala Moana Center to see the adorable flare Yamada is adding to the brand’s existing line.

The vibrant colors and funky designs from Surf Line Hawaii not only transport you back to the surf days of old, but they bring a freshness to today with its one of a kind art prints on crushed rayon and vintage archived classics. This is exactly what caught Yamada’s eye.

Yamada’s designs are normally very simple, and he often works in black and white. He was looking for something different and challenged himself with something new by partnering with Surf Line Hawaii. With 20 years of design, planning, and merchandise experience with European brands, Yamada was able to take his expertise and help launch the original Jams lines in Japan. He drew his inspiration from both the present and the past.

His creations now appear at Surf Line Hawaii as Hawaiian print hoodies, jackets, shirts, and shoes and a hope that the Jams World and imagery will be recognized across the world.

About Jams World & Surf Line Hawaii
Founder Dave Rochlen grew up at the beach in Santa Monica, California. He was a lifeguard, surfer, dirt bike rider and paddle board racer who enjoyed the carefree Southern California Lifestyle. He visited Hawaii and met native Hawaiian surfer girl Keanuenue Ka’eo, whom he married in 1953. He appeared on the cover of LIFE Magazine in 1949 as an icon for this new beach lifestyle, and again in 1954 in underwater scuba gear as the stuntman for Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Dave later opened a surfboard shop called Surf Line Hawaii on Kona Street in Honolulu. Inspired by a group of Russians in their pajamas on the cover of Life Magazine, Dave asked his wife to cut a pair of Hawaiian print pajama pants into shorts for surfing. JAMS, short for pajamas, were born.

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