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Sunspear Energy keeps electric costs down while the sun is up

If you're looking to bring your electricity costs down while helping the environment, look no further than Sunspear Energy. The local renewable energy developer has recently completed its installation of solar panels in the parking lot of Wet 'n' Wild Hawaii water park in Kapolei.

Sponsored by Sunspear Energy

There are approximately 3000 panels in this project, and they were all installed within one week. These panels are large enough that they provide shade for the vehicles in the parking lot, simultaneously generating energy and keeping your car cool.

Sunspear Energy works with all sectors of solar energy, but in recent years, it has worked extensively with businesses in the commercial sector and individual homeowners to reduce their electricity costs. Electricity is one of the main costs of living in Hawaii, but switching to solar energy can help you save money on your electrical bill.

Sunspear has a solar calculator tool on its website to help users investigate whether switching to solar is right for them. If you upload your eco-bill to the calculator, you can be entered to win two free tickets to Wet ‘n’ Wild water park.

For more information: or @sunspearenergy on Instagram and Facebook