Structural Hawaii offers design and engineering services all under one roof

Structural Hawaii, Inc. prides itself on being a full service residential design and engineering company. It serves Hawaii homeowners as a one-stop shop to ensure the job gets done right from beginning to end. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson met up with owner Jeoffrey Cudiamat to get a closer look at one of the company's projects in Manoa Valley.

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“Beforehand, this house was a fixer-upper,” Cudiamat explains. “We come in, take field measurements, do architectural design work, and then we would get the permits for the homeowner and do all the engineering behind it so that they can refurbish the house, do these alterations and make it look brand new just like this.”

Structural Hawaii was founded as a structural engineering company, but it has since diversified.

“I think that’s what separates us from everybody else,” Cudiamat says. “We actually do architectural design work, structural engineering, we do civil engineering, and we route plans to the building department because we know how daunting that task can be.”

Structural Hawaii also provides special inspection services.

“We just want to make sure that whoever is building it that they do it properly and safely,” says Cudiamat. “The beauty of what we do is that we have it all under one roof.”

Structural Hawaii has designers and structural engineers on staff, as well as an in-house civil engineer and a permit processor.

“It’s convenient for most homeowners who just want to deal with one person,” Cudiamat explains.

Structural Hawaii has been doing residential designs in Hawaii for over 16 years. Today, it uses a state-of-the-art 3D scanning machine to get accurate field measurements with precision to the nearest milometer. These can produce precise drawings that can potentially reduce construction problems that result from inaccurate field measurements taken at the beginning of the project.

You can rest assured knowing that Structural Hawaii has experience with local codes and understanding local living styles, which is sure to make the planning process easier for owners. As a Third Party Review company, Structural  Hawaii can review building plans on behalf of the City, so the company has to be knowledgeable of what will pass approval by the permitting department.

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