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Spring Break savings tips from Hawaii State FCU

Plan a vacation without breaking the bank!

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It’s almost Spring, and that means in just a few weeks Hawaii families will be planning their Spring Break vacation! However, many people may still be recovering from all that end-of-the-year holiday spending. That’s why the experts at Hawaii State FCU are sharing suggestions on ways you can plan a budget-friendly spring break that the whole family can enjoy.

Tip #1: Create a vacation budget!
Whether you’re vacationing at home or away, it’s a good idea to create a budget. It’s easy for spending to get out of control, especially when you’re traveling. Make sure to take into account expenses for any accommodations, transportation, meals and snacks, activities, and omiyage. It’s also a good idea to include a small budget for emergency or unexpected expenses that might come up.

Tip #2: Keep an eye out for travel deals.
If you plan ahead and do some research, you can often find good deals on hotels, transportation and attractions. Be prepared to shop around and compare prices. Some websites offer discounts when you bundle your airfare and hotel together, while some hotels offer discount packages on area restaurants and activities. Don’t forget to also check your various loyalty card and membership benefits! Some memberships come with travel-industry discounts and perks to members that can save you money.

Tip #3: Find budget-friendly attractions and activities.
You may have had your heart set on hitting every amusement park in the city, but admission fees can add up. Why not sprinkle some budget-friendly activities into your trip? Looking up local event calendars can provide a wealth of free or low-cost activities like festivals, concerts in the park, or even family-friendly walking tours of the city. These activities will allow you to see a different side of a destination that you may not otherwise get to experience!

Tip #4: Enjoy the local cuisine during lunch.
It’s natural to want to sample the local cuisine while on vacation, but eating out can add up quickly. One way to save some money is to eat out during lunch, when prices are generally lower. Finding accommodations that offer things like a kitchenette, where you can prepare some meals in your room, or free continental breakfasts can be money-savers for budget-conscious families too.

Tip #5: Consider a staycation!
You don’t always have to leave home to have a quality vacation! Take advantage of the many kamaaina discounts offered by hotels and local attractions or just enjoy the outdoors! Take a day trip to the North Shore, plan a Diamond Head hike or try stand-up paddle boarding.

Keep all these things in mind, and it’ll be a vacation to remember — without breaking the bank!

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