Spice up your space with accent furniture from INspiration Interiors

From lights to chairs and mirrors, wow your guests at home

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Looking to freshen up your living spaces? With just the right accent piece, you can change the whole look and feel of the room with just the addition of one or two pieces! HI Now host Jobeth Devera is with Julia Sorensen Shaw at INspiration Interiors to talk about some ways you can liven things up.

Shaw says one of the easiest places to start is taking a look at the lighting in a living space. Her favorite lamp is the Bourgie.

“It’s this new reinvented look on an old, baroque-style lamp,” she explains. “People will definitely notice it when the come inside your home.”

If you’re looking to add a piece to your living room, Shaw recommends the Husk because of how comfortable it is. The chair is designed to cradle a person as you sit. You can also add or subtract the amount of cushions you have on it if you go through a special order.

Another easy way to add a little spice to a room is with mirrors. Shaw recommends the Image Mirror, a stand alone mirror that’s finished on all sides.

“It has really convenient little hooks and a little shelf on the back for your wallet, jewelry, a bow tie for the men. It’s a really useful little mirror,” she explains.

About INspiration Interiors
In 1997 INspiration Interiors opened its doors and welcomed in the start of “Home Fashion with an Attitude.” From the start, INspiration’s furniture selections strived to be “quality driven instead of price driven.”

Satisfied customers have cheered their approval making INspiration Interiors the fastest growing furniture store in Hawaii. After years of searching, creative planning and inspired dreaming, INspiration Interiors welcomed Hawaii to the multi-level, 80,000 square foot fashion forward Honolulu Design Center in 2006. More than being the flagship home for INspiration Interiors, the Honolulu Design Center is also home for the award winning, fine dining Stage Restaurant; the popular, wine tasting, music loving Amuse Wine Bar; the WiFi meeting, health casual lunch spot Stage Café; and creatively stimulating venue Cupola Events Theatre.

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