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Snack on new corn tortilla chips from Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortillas

Now available at most grocery stores throughout the state!

Sponsored by Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortillas


If you live in Hawaii, you’ve probably know Sinaloa for its fresh tortillas, but now you can get all that goodness in chip form with Sinaloa’s new Hawaiian tortilla chips! HI Now host Jobeth Devera is getting a tour of the factory to see how the chips are made from start to finish.

Sinaloa began making tortillas from their restaurant in Hanapepe on Kauai. Owner and family patriarch Ysidro Macias realized that the quality and popularity of their home-made tortillas was increasing daily. In 1995, the family moved to Honolulu and focused on their tortilla production full-time. Today, they’re adding tortilla chips to the mix!

“This is not a regular chip that you’ll find in the grocery store. It’s taken a lot of care for our family to come up with this recipe,” says Quetzalcoatl Macias with Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortillas.

What sets Sinaloa apart from others tortilla chips? Its uniquely shaped surfboard chip! While you can also get the tortilla chips in classic circle rounds, or Honolulu Rounds as the yellow bag states, Sinaloa also makes a Kauai shaped chip to pay tribute to Kauai and where the company came from. You’ll find those in a purple bag — the color of Kauai.

“We made a real thin, crispy chip, kinda like a potato chip, but this is corn flour,” Macias says. “We have surfboard shapes, boogie board shapes — there’s cool fun boards.”

You can find Sinaloa Hawaiian tortilla chips at Safeway, Foodland, Times Supermarket, and the DeCA commissary.

About Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortillas

For 25 years the Macias family has been making fresh tortillas in Hawaii at the Sinaloa Tortilla factory. Calling the business a “family affair” is an understatement. Father, mother, sons and cousins have all played a part in making sure that almost every grocery store and restaurant in the islands carries Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortillas.

For more information, visit, FB: SinaloaHawaiiTortillas, Instagram: @sinaloatortillashi