Sinus infections? Hearing loss? Hoarseness? When to see an ear nose and throat specialist

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Whether you or a loved one are suffering from an ear infection, strep throat, or sleep apnea, ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors can offer more specialized care. Kanoe Gibson spoke with ENT specialist Dr. Darin Wright about the care offered at Adventist Health Castle.

Dr. Wright explains that the reason a patient would see an ENT doctor at Adventist Health Castle varies by age. While most visits for children are a result of ear infections or issues with tonsils, adults often visit the ENT when suffering from sinus-related problems. Dr. Wright says ENTs see more sinus issues in Hawaii because of its unique weather conditions, including vog and year-round humidity, which brings more mold.

Some of the problems ENTs see usually require a more specialized examination. For example, with hoarseness or chronic throat pain, Dr. Wright explains that ENTs might look at a patient’s throat with a small scope that goes through the nose in order to further examine the vocal chords.

There are certain problems patients often overlook or ignore. Dr. Wright says one of these is hoarseness. “A lot of people think, ‘Oh, I just have Laryngitis, and that will clear up,'” he said. He recommends evaluating the issue further if it doesn’t clear up within three or four weeks. Dr. Wright says some patients may also notice a lump in their neck and not think much of it until it starts to grow. He says that in cases like this, the unexplained mass should be evaluated within a month or two.

People should see an ENT doctor when they are concerned about their hearing. The Ear Nose and Throat office at Adventist Health Castle takes same day appointments and walk-ins, but appointments are recommended. To set up an appointment, call the hospital directly.

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