Sink into a new recliner courtesy of INspiration Interiors

After a long day, you'll thank yourself later

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When it comes to choosing key pieces for your living space, consider throwing a recliner into the mix! It’s the perfect piece of furniture to come home to after a long day and just sit back and relax. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Julia Sorensen at the Kapolei location to check out some of the new innovations you’ll find in today’s modern recliners.

“We carry lots of different seating types that have recliners. We do single seating, we do sofas, and sectionals,” says Sorensen. “Some of them even have dual recliners so that there’s two people that both can move equally.”

Whether you’re looking for fabric or leather, INspiration has the piece for you. The Roma Sofa is one of its best sellers, and it’s available in four different leather colors and two fabric choices.

In the past, getting into a reclining chair took a lot of effort. Now, it’s all done with the push of a button.

“We have two different types of reclining sofas. One is called an incliner, and one is called a recliner,” Sorensen explains. On an incliner, the seat slides forward and up at an angle as you sink into the chair. The back may also slide down to accommodate for the new angle, but it doesn’t jut out toward the back the way a traditional recliner does. In a reclining seat, the back itself will move backwards while the seat will remain the same. INspiration also has recliners with a supporting foot rest that will simultaneously move to your preferred position.

The main benefit of an incliner, compared to a recliner, is the space saved behind the seat. An incliner can be positioned close against a wall, while a traditional recliner cannot.

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